June 13th 2022

Phoenix Brickwork supports young members at successful martial arts group

Phoenix Brickwork, has provided much-needed funds to help children learn martial arts.

The £500 donation means Pilsung Taekwondo Sheffield, which is part of the World Taekwondo Federation and British Taekwondo, can continue to offer reduced training fees to new members.

Simon Turton, who is a 5th Dan at the club, said: “This money means everything to the young people who train at Pilsung Taekwondo Sheffield.

“It will be used to subsidise training fees for local children, and this is great news for families who are on a tight budget. Keeping costs down will continue to enable these young people to meet and train at a professional club like ours.”

Phoenix Brickwork donated to Pilsung Taekwondo Sheffield after it discovered one of its employees teaches at the club. Luke Blackburn, the Brickwork Commercial Director, approached Christian Watson, founder and group chairman of Phoenix Brickwork, to ask for some financial support.

Luke said: “The physical and mental benefits of Taekwondo cannot be understated. Regular training is important for children and adults. Our members come from many diverse and varied backgrounds, so this club is important to them.

“This sponsorship will provide cheaper training fees and, considering we are in quite a challenged part of the city, this is great news. The element of interaction when you join a club like ours is important when it comes to personal development.

“I thought it would be great synergy for Phoenix to provide some support to the Sheffield club, which is celebrating its 30th year. It was a brilliant opportunity to give something back to younger members of our society.

“Everyone at Pilsung Taekwondo Sheffield is hugely grateful to Christian at Phoenix. It is a very generous donation, and we plan to spend the money wisely.”

Christian Watson, of Phoenix Brickwork, said he was delighted to support Pilsung Taekwondo Sheffield – especially its programme to help youngsters.

He said: “It makes my happy that the club will be able to reduce its training fees for a while. Hopefully, the young people will be able to enjoy their time learning Taekwondo – training with Luke and Simon and the rest of the team.”