September 10th 2021

Meet the #teamPhoenix - Ian Artley

Here at Phoenix Brickwork/Drywall/Scaffold, we are proud of every member of our team. Whether they're in the office or on-site, everyone works tirelessly to ensure that the overall stability and success of Phoenix is always at the highest level.

We are all #teamPhoenix, and we want to continue showcasing those within by giving you the chance to know more about them, including some stories and advice. Last week, Keith Shipley told us about how he taught Mr Tumble to lay bricks.

This week it's the turn of Senior Estimator, Ian Artley.

How long have you been at Phoenix for, and how have you progressed in your time here?

I have been with Phoenix for nearly four years, and along with Carl Taylor I look after the masonry estimating and pre-construction work for the North.

What was your background in the industry before Phoenix?

I originally started as a bricklayer for around 10 years, and later went into estimating in the concrete industry, and then onto masonry around 15 years ago.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Much of my spare time is taken up football coaching for both of my daughters teams, one of which - Norristhorpe Pumas U13 Girls - is sponsored by Phoenix. When I’m not coaching football, I’m usually watching it and supporting Leeds United.

What's the best project you've seen or been part of?

It would have to be between Mustard Wharf in Leeds, and St Marks Student Accommodation in Lincoln.

Do you have any funny stories on-site that you'd like to share?

Probably best not to say.

What would you say to those looking to get into the industry?

I’d advise them to look at all options in the industry, and not to be put off from looking at a trade apprenticeship. They are in high demand, and there’s no reason that you can't progress if you wish further down the line.

And finally, what does being part of #teamPhoenix mean to you?

The team Phoenix hashtag is very appropriate, as I think we genuinely work as a team. Phoenix to me is an exciting opportunity to be involved in an ever expanding company.