November 18th 2022

Meet the #teamPhoenix - Elliott Allen

Here at Phoenix, we are proud of every member of our team. Whether they're in the office or on-site, everyone works tirelessly to ensure that the overall stability and success of Phoenix is always at the highest level.
As we continue to introduce members of our wonderful team we are excited to get to know Elliott Allen, who is one of our fantastic Site Managers here at Phoenix!
He is an important member of the team and we are delighted to learn more about him in meet the #teamPhoenix!
How long have you been at Phoenix for, and what do you enjoy about your job?
I’ve been in this role for two years having worked previously for Phoenix as a bricklayer for two years between 2016-2018. The most satisfying part of the job is obviously the end product, but working with a wide range of ages, cultures and skill levels brings variety to everyday onsite.

Describe one of your favourite work memories?

It’s very difficult to pinpoint one but having 25years in the construction industry there have been lots, building a business with my best mate, working with my son’s onsite and having the crack with the lads while getting a bit done. This will sound ridiculous to some, but I can honestly say I love going to work and grafting. My role has changed but going to work with a group of lads and getting the job done is very rewarding. Something I’m very proud of. We all spend a lot of time at work, so I don’t see the harm in enjoying it while you’re there.


What did you want to be when you were younger?



Tell us about your first ever job?

I was quite sporty at school so when I left, I was a lifeguard at a local Leisure centre for a couple of years.


Share the best piece of advice that anyone has ever given you?

“Don’t think about the big picture, just concentrate on one bit at a time”. After coming from a general building background, the size of some of the projects can be overwhelming and a bit daunting. That piece of advice helps to keep it in perspective.


What destination do you hope to visit one day?

Machu Picchu. It’s an abandoned stone city high in the Andes mountains Peru and part of the Inca trail. I like a bit of mountaineering.


And finally, what does being part of #teamPhoenix mean to you?

My honest opinion is It's fantastic, I was going to say “wicked” but that shows my age. The people we have behind us on the frontline couldn’t be more supportive. They’ve encouraged me to grow as a professional, provided industry lead training and shared their knowledge with me whenever I asked for it. All staff at all levels, literally anyone I have ever approached has always been enthusiastic about building the Team environment and it certainly helps when you are up against it at times. I genuinely feel that if you work hard and care about what you do as an individual and as a representative of the company you will be rewarded.