November 26th 2021

Meet The #teamPhoenix - Dave Newbold

Here at Phoenix Brickwork/Drywall/Scaffold, we are proud of every member of our team. Whether they're in the office or on-site, everyone works tirelessly to ensure that the overall stability and success of Phoenix is always at the highest level.

Last time, Administration/Office Manager Zoe Butlin told us about her University degree in Industrial Design.
Up next is Drywall Director, Dave Newbold.

How long have you been at Phoenix for, and how have you progressed in your time here?

I joined Phoenix in March 2019 as a Drywall Estimator and since then we've managed to progessively grow the Drywall division. This growth resulted in me being offered the opportunity to head up the division as a Director, a personal milestone in my career and I'm proud to have been given the chance for this role at Phoenix.

What was your background in the industry before Phoenix?

I started in 2013 with Tarmac mortar & screed, and at the time a younger Phoenix were one of our developing customers. From there I headed over to Jewson and then onto CCF where I found my niche in Drywall.

Through establishing relations in 2016, a customer gave me an opportunity to start a career as a Drywall Estimator/Buyer, and after cutting my teeth with two Drywall subcontractors I eventually found my way to Phoenix.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I enjoy family holidays, countryside walks, socialising with friends and listening to music.

What's the best project you've been part of?

Even though Phoenix is only 10-years-old, everyday offers a new challenge and having a passion for a growing division within the group. This company will never stand still and with ever changing demands by clients, technology and developments, it is great to be part of 'Project Phoenix'.

Do you have any funny stories on-site that you'd like to share?

There is always a story to tell when the Managing Director is in the building, many of us in the office have been subject to his mischief!

What would you say to those looking to get into the industry?

My advice would be to 'learn a trade'!

Skilled labour is always welcomed in the industry and every year that goes by it seems to get harder to resource quality. If you want to be in a position where you're facing a new challenge everyday, then construction is the place to be.

And finally, what does being part of #teamPhoenix mean to you?

The ethos '#teamPhoenix' comes from the very top, and even though the group has grown massively over the last few years we have managed to maintain that same ethos of a contractor that's always hard working, and has engraved principles towards quality and health and safety.

Long may it continue!